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Bgs Toy Soldiers supplies military miniatures and diorama pieces to collectors around the world! We have a large selection of King & Country, Collectors Showcase, JG Miniatures, Old Northwest Trading Company, Fontline Figures, Conte, and retired military miniatures.  We offer free shipping worldwide!  See banner for details.  You can now follow us on twitter www.twitter.com/BgsToySoldiers, we will update with information as new pieces arrive and pre-orders come in from the manufacturers.  User name: BgsToySoldiers.

News Updated - 11 March 2010

Collectors Showcase -  March release of British RHA Artillery line and wagons, 88mm Anti-Tank Gun and Crew, 5th Firing Line,  and SdKfz 7 are already up for pre-order at www.BgsToySoldiers.com.  More Patton Vehicles are in stock and up on the site.
JG Miniatures - New JG Miniatures has been restocked with more figures coming at www.BgsToySoldiers.com.
Frontline Figures - New Figures will be coming early in 2011.
Black Hawk Toy Soldiers -  Most figures are in stock now and up on the website.  There is a new line from Blackhawk Toy Soldiers, set to announce soon.
Figarti Miniatures - RMA-009, RMA-010, RMA-011, RMA-012, RMA-013, and new European Theater German sets are in stock at www.BgsToySoldiers.com
John Jenkin's Design - In stock and now shipping are RSF-08, ACE-04, JR-23, QF-25, and SRN-03 at www.BgsToySoldiers.com.
Del Prado - New Samurai figures are now in stock and available at www.BgsToySoldiers.com
Thomas Gunn Miniatures - LUFT001(B), BER001(E), BER001(F), BER001(G), FJ-005(A), FJ-005(B), PARA003(A), and PARA003(B) are now available and shipping at www.BgsToySoldiers.com
Forces of Valor - New pieces are in stock and are available at www.BgsToySoldiers.com.
Alpine Miniatures - Unpainted Kits 16012, 35114, 35115, and 35116 are all in stock and shipping at www.BgsToySoldiers.com.
Andrea Miniatures - Andrea Miniatures Unpainted Kits are now in stock for Napoleonics and Medieval figures.  We will be adding a number of new kits in the weeks to come.

We are going to be adding 2 new line of figures this year.  We have not made a final decision on which companies we will be adding.  If anyone has a line they are interested, let us know and we will be sure to consider the line.

Thank you all for all your support this year.  If you have any suggestions or are looking for any specific pieces, email us at sales@BgsToySoldiers.com.

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